We are pleased to say that our relationship between our team and owners is more like a family than the traditional owner-employee relationship.

Since we opened our doors we recognized the importance of each individual member contribution to our team. We could go on and on about what it's like to work at Donoli's Restaurant and Banquets, but thought it might be more valuable for you to hear what our employees say about us...

"The thing that stands out the most is that of the family atmosphere. I truly enjoy going to work."

— Kathy

"I love my job at Donoli's. I love the food and it's easy to stand behind the product. When it gets busy, I know my fellow employees have my back and will always jump in and help me out if I need it."

— Janis

"I like working at Donoli's because it is a locally owned family business. I am proud to work for a restaurant that is locally owned, especially during our rough economy. And a lot of the customers come and dine with us and most of them have become very good friends and almost family. Since I've been employed with Donoli's I forms very good friendships and good working relationships with my coworkers. The food is fantastic and the atmosphere makes you want to come in and enjoy either a romantic evening or bring the whole family. I really enjoy working for Scott and Linda and with the rest of the staff."

— Debbie

"It is been a pleasure working for Scott and Linda. I've grown into a hard worker with the help of the owners and made some fantastic friends along the way. I feel we are one big family helping and encouraging others to work in a positive atmosphere. It made relationships with the customers and the best part about seeing them as they will always member my smiling face a positive outlook within this company. The best part about my job is ensuring my customers are satisfied and leave with a smile on their faces."

— Anne

"Someone asked me what my favorite waitressing job was since I have worked at a few restaurants, I replied that Donoli's was by far. Not only have I made a few GREAT friends, but I really enjoy my job and can joke around with both of my bosses. Although I am technically working, I really have a blast while taking care of my guests."

— Jamie

We accept applications on an ongoing basis for bartenders, host/hostess, wait staff, banquet staff, cooks and busboys. Applications are held for a period of six months and applicants are encouraged to update their application at any time.

Interested applicants may download an application by clicking here, fill it out, and bring it to our restaurant Mon-Sun from noon-5pm.

Please note: all applicants must apply in person, no exceptions.

Donoli's Restaurant & Banquets is an equal opportunity employer.